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Feel free browse our photos of the cottage in our gallery above.

Buy Keppra online uk, Keppra no prescription

Smiddy Cottage - Sleeps 8 - Pets Welcome

Our largest cottage set in its own extensive grounds, with a stream running along into a series of small ponds. Smiddy is set back into the Estate, a Former Blacksmiths cottage, it has been extended to provide more living space, and is a great choice for larger parties.

This lovely cottage can accommodate up to 8 people, in 4 bedrooms. Each room is well appointed, bright and airy.

On the ground floor there is a fully equipped Kitchen, spacious Lounge complete with Hand-made Mantel above the Open Fireplace, made from Elm wood from the Estate itself. Also on the ground floor there is two twin Bedded rooms, a Shower room and separate WC.

The carpeted staircase leads you to the first floor, which comprises of a Double Bedroom, a twin Bedded room and Family Bathroom.

Ready to book our cottage?

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