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Generic Keppra without prescription, Buy Keppra 500mg

Feel free browse our photos of the cottage in our gallery above.

Generic Keppra without prescription, Buy Keppra 500mg

Our most architecturally, beautiful cottage, set at the edge of the Estate. At one time the residence of the Estate Gate Keeper, now it has been renovated and upgraded to provide you with a truly unique and special place to come and stay.

The picturesque Lodge can accommodate up to 6 people, in 3 bedrooms. Each room has been decorated in neutral tones, and is furnished to a very high standard. On the ground floor there is a large fully equipped Kitchen and Dining area, Family Bathroom with separate Shower, spacious Lounge, complete with Tartan carpet and Hand-made Mantel above the Open Fireplace, made from elm wood from the Estate itself.

The ground floor also has a Double Bedroom. A Tartan carpet leads you to the first floor, which comprises of a further Double Bedroom, a twin Bedded room, and there is also an upstairs WC.

Check availability of cottage

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