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If you're looking for a fantastic place to stay, you're in the right place!

The Estate offers breathtaking views in a truly wonderful setting, offering you the slower, gentler pace of North East Scottish country life, a perfect holiday, away from today’s hectic lifestyle.

Forglen, formerly the seat of the Ogilvies and Abercrombies is one of the most beautiful country estates in NE Scotland. The private estate, woodlands, gardens and river Deveron are wonderful for walks, expect to see deer, badgers, Highland Cattle, ferrets, red squirrels, foxes, otters, ducks, buzzards, sparrow hawks, osprey, herons and many other birds during your visit. If you're terribly lucky you might see a Scottish wildcat or a European Pine Marten.

Historic Scotland, an agency of the Scottish Government charged with safeguarding our historic environment, says Forglen is an all-round, outstanding designed landscape that makes a major contribution to local scenery through the sheer extent of its wooded policies and striking architectural features. It provides the setting for Forglen House and two monuments.

It is a magnificent base if you've come to the area for country sports. Our cottages provide a fitting setting if you have planned salmon fishing in the summer or pheasant shooting in the winter.

The local area has so much to offer with golf, distilleries, castles and a spectacular coastline, Forglen, just 40 minutes from Aberdeen International Airport, offers a central location to thoroughly explore NE Scotland with countless destinations reachable on a day trip.

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